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refrigerated delivery service

A picture may say a thousand words

RDS only need one...perfect!

All RDS drivers take a photograph of their transit goods at collection and delivery. This picture is then immediately available for the customer to view online, giving peace of mind that your goods have been delivered in picture perfect condition.

Our  skill and commitment to the highest levels of service, ensuring that goods reach their end user in a pristine state,  means that on a daily basis we deliver products all over the UK - into photography studios for magazine shoots, advertising agencies for products launches and tasting panels for testing. We appreciate that it is vital that your product arrives on time and in perfect condition with the minimum of stress and RDS will efficiently and reliably ensure that happens.

temperature controlled distribution
refrigerated transport

RDS have the knowledge, expertise, systems, vehicles and determination to make sure that every job gets to where it should be, on time. They form the perfect interface between us and our customers.

Stephen Chambers

Picture Perfect